Her Preaching Camp 2.0

A five (5) Month Ministry Cohort Where Preaching Women

Can Refine Their Craft In A Safe Space



Ignite . . . Illuminate . . . Awaken . . .

"Through her words, she carries the power to ignite hearts, illuminate minds, and awaken souls. A woman preaching is a symphony of strength, grace, and divine wisdom from God Herself." - Tamara Ravelo


Her Preaching Camp 2.0 

Made possible by a generous grant from the Lilly Foundation and supported by Advocates for Covenant Clergy Women (ACCW) as well as the Develop Leaders office of the ECC, Her Preaching Camp 2.0 is for women who have some preaching experience. Its intention is to support women in ministry with the opportunity to level up their preaching skill. At Her Preaching Camp 2.0, you’ll gain access to an in-depth curriculum designed to deepen your understanding of sermon preparation and presentation, supporting you to preach with confidence.


Do You Need To Refine Your Preaching Craft?

Just think, a preacHER, who knows she has called by God to proclaim the Good News. She is one who stands before crowds. Or, she is one who envisions standing more frequently before audiences talking about the goodness of God, perhaps being a disrupter of dated theologies, or possibly inspiring hope where there has been none, and boldly declaring her unapologetic stance on issues of equity, justice, womanism and the likes. Then at the same time, as much as she dares to do this dangerous preaching work, she realizes something, a big something, and that is, she doesn't quite feel prepared enough to walk in the preaching vocation to which she has been called. Yikes! Like many others, she wonders, how do I become more ready? She asks, how can I prepare on a deeper level, how can I refresh my craft, or how can I gain more know-how than what I have determined I am currently gifted with? Well, with all the questions you have, we have a solution for you.

Through Her Preaching Camp 2.0’, you can learn about preaching in depth, refine your preaching craft, plus gain additional tools and resources to preach effectively so that you are more prepared. Our team of experienced preaching practitioners and coaches will guide you in sharpening your gift, amplifying your authentic voice, and navigating the complexities of preaching with courage and conviction in a safe non-judgmental space. You will also be connected with a community of preachers who want to improve their craft just like you. If you're ready to take your preaching to the next level and become part of a powerful community of preaching women, then we invite you to join us for ‘Her Preaching Camp 2.0’.

Why Choose 'Her Preaching Camp 2.0' ?


To Maximize Your Impact: Our enhanced curriculum is designed to support you in delivering sermons that not only captivate but also transform lives.

For Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced preachers and coaches who provide comprehensive feedback and valuable insights.

To Have Community Support: Join a vibrant community of like-minded leaders dedicated to shared growth and encouragement.

Key Features:

Our curriculum includes materials on topics such as:
Mastering the Art of Storytelling: Engage your preaching with compelling narratives.
• Advanced Homiletics: Delve deeper into the theological and exegetical aspects of sermon creation.
• Engaging Today’s Listener: Discover ways to relate ancient texts to contemporary issues effectively.

Exclusive Benefits: 

Enjoy a dynamic mix of learning environments such as:
• A Cohort: A comprised group that journey’s, learns and grows together for a specified duration.
• Small Breakout Groups: Collaborate during sessions and share ideas with colleagues.
• Coaching: Tailored guidance to address your challenges and goals.

Our Goals: 

After attending Preaching Camp 2.0 for Women, the intention is that you will have:
- Increased confidence preaching God’s Word
- Increased skill when preaching
- Greater connection with other women in ministry who preach
- Experienced a safe and encouraging environment

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Woman, You
Are Enough

She Must Protect
Her Power

Power of a Woman Trusting Her Own Truth

'Her Preaching Camp 2.0' Investment

As we say here at Sanctuary For Her Soul, your main investment will be your commitment to you! Be willing to go all in. Based on your level of enrollment commitment fees are provided for you. 




ECC Clergy


If you are an Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) leading woman who preaches, a generous grant has made way for you to attend Her Preaching Camp 2.0 at minimal cost to you. Once you register, more information will be sent.

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Non ECC Clergy


We are excited to extend fellowship to all preaching women. If you are a leading woman who preaches in any context, a generous grant has made way for you to attend Her Preaching Camp 2.0 at minimal cost to you. Once you register, more information will be sent. Join us!

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Scholarship Non ECC


If you are NOT of the ECC and are a leading lady who preaches in need of a scholarship, a generous grant has made way for you to attend Her Preaching Camp 2.0 at minimal cost to you. Please click the button and fill out the form below to make a request.

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