Axáv-k (Enter In) To The Sanctuary. A Place Where a Woman's Inner Space Is Refreshed, Renewed, And Her Soul Is Restored.


Sanctuary For Her Soul is a curative space for the every day woman, women in ministry, and women who are pastors. Our foundation is built on biblical wisdom that engages Indigenous healing practices for mind-body restoration, fostering connection, and resource equipping for encountered challenges. 

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In the sanctuary of her own being, a woman finds the sacred space to refresh her spirit, renew her strength, and restore her soul.


~ Tamara Ravelo~

You are…





And then life happens, and just that quick we forget how powerful we truly are.

So here's the question... have you ever found yourself feeling exhausted, discouraged, questioning your strength, and/or wanting to disconnect because of life's challenges? Well, you are not alone. We are aware that these feelings happen to the best of us, and this is where Sanctuary For Her Soul supports you. Women are at their greatest when nurtured in community and feel supported.Through our tailored offerings, transformative retreats, and wisdom from our Creator, we provide a nurturing space where you can reconnect with your authentic power, rediscover your resilience, and reignite 

your unwavering spirit. Whether you are the every day woman, a woman in ministry, a woman pastor, leading woman in the marketplace, or senior clergy woman, we desire to walk alongside you on your personal journey to renewal and empowerment, guiding you to remember the truth of who you truly are. Join us, embrace your support, embrace your renewal, and rediscover the sanctuary of resource within you that provides a wellspring of renewal for your soul!

I Am Interested. Can I Know More?
Kawitz Kamathum!

(Quechan Greeting)


I'm Tamara.
The Curator of This Space.

I Am A Pastor. Preacher And Medicine Woman Who Creates Spaces For Others To Heal.

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You Can Awaken Your Power, Your Truth, And Your Resilience To Experience Your Oasis For Transformation From Within.

Welcome. I am glad you found your way here. Certainly know, you are not alone because all of us, at times on our life’s journey, need sanctuary. Then, others who have been on the path for a while integrate sanctuary to keep a cadence of wellness. Sanctuary is the place where we can enter to sustain our souls, the place we can go when our we need our waters to rise again, the place we can access when we need a safe space to breathe. So, whether you are here because you long for sanctuary in your being or because you desire to intersect with the sacred of sanctuary as a traveling companion for continued healthiness, understand you have been summoned this way. Nothing happens by accident. God is always intentional. Perhaps, too, while at this resource and resting place called Sanctuary For Her Soul, you’ll discover our loving community where belonging is nurtured and our care empowers, because we are committed to a well-being for all.


Choose what best fits you.

For The Every

Day Woman

Empowering The Every Day Woman: Explore, Renew, Connect, And Transform. Your Inner Knowing Knows It’s Time. Now Is The Moment To Honor And Trust That Knowing. Don't Wait.

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For Women

In Ministry

Nurturing The Woman In Ministry: Take The Next Step Toward Your Rest And Renewal. Experience Restoration In The Recesses Of Your Soul. Nourish Your Mind And Body To Pour From A Filled Cup.

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For Leading

Clergy Women

Encouraging Women Clergy: Come Into The Sanctuary And Thrive. Refresh Your Soul, Strengthen Your Self-Care Practices, Experience Healing, Receive Support And Be Rejuvenated Again.

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In-Person Retreat...


Join Sanctuary For Her Soul for our three-day, two-night in-person gathering. This opportunity allows you to immerse yourself in a transformative experience through the power of God and sacred Indigenous restorative practices that promote deep healing, spiritual renewal, and empowerment.

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"Working with Tamara sparked my creativity, uplifted and inspired me. She shows you how to tap into you, and that is the best gift I could have been given."

~ Lilyanne

"Tamara led me to my healing, and I am thankful. She is deeply spiritual and gifted. When you are around her you quickly feel a since of God, peace, and encouragement. "

~ Xolani
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Woman, You
Are Enough

She Must Protect
Her Power

Power of a Woman Trusting Her Own Truth

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