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Welcome To "Women Who Win"

A resource crafted by Sanctuary For Her Soul for the every day woman who is ready to take her life to the next level. This program provides a spiritually supportive community, guided Indigenous healing practices, practical self-care tools, engaging learning materials and life-giving workshops for women to be empowered.

About The "Women Who Win" Collaborative 

At Sanctuary For Her Soul, our mission is to create a safe space for women to grow, thrive and nurture their inner sanctuary. We understand the challenges that women face in their personal and professional lives, and we are here to provide support, guidance, mentorship and resources. We believe that when women come together and lift each other up, amazing things can happen.

While our foundation at Sanctuary For Her Soul is from an Indigenous centered space, our communal sanctuary is open to all adult women from different backgrounds, cultures, ages and walks of life. Indigenous people culturally believe we are better together because we are all connected. Through our collaborative, women have the opportunity to learn from each other and share their diverse experiences. Our community is a place for women to be vulnerable, honest, and authentic without fear of judgment. If you're ready to take your life to the next level, our program is here to support you every step of the way.

Our Format / Our Focus

The "Women Who Win" will meet as a cohort monthly for nine (9) consecutive months from September 2024 until May of 2025. Our held collective space will serve as a nurturing sanctuary where you can cultivate personal resilience, deepen your spiritual practice, experience mind-body restoration and amplify your life through personal self-care.

The communal collaborative will cultivate your inner sanctuary and empower you by offering:

Mind-Body Restoration Practices: By incorporating Indigenous healing practices, this communal collaborative's goal intends to nurture women in the area of mind-body restoration. This holistic approach of using Indigenous healing practices such as talking circles, breathwork, aromatherapy, meditative prayers, etc. supports women with alleviating emotional fatigue and general tiredness to support their ability to thrive in life.

Connection Fostering: Within our communal collaborative, women discover a nurturing community where connections are forged, experiences shared, and wisdom exchanged. This sense of belonging creates a supportive environment where she doesn’t feel alone in her journey through life.

Wisdom for Challenges Exploration: Engaging in curated sessions rooted in sagely wisdom, women are able to gain practical insights from new lenses to deal with the myriad of nuances encountered on their personal journeys and daily challenges. By discussing and hearing stories and teachings communally, women are encouraged to persevere and find strength in their faith.

Life Sustainability Equipping: Our cohort is committed to nurturing an ethos of personal sustainability, by emphasizing self-care, personal development, and continual learning and listening. By prioritizing self-care, women are empowered to lead more effectively, care for those whom they love, and sustain a fulfilling life for the days ahead.




Experience Restoration,

Wholeness, and Peace.




Rejuvenate Your Spirit,

Renew Your Strength.




Personify Your Inner Power,

Recharge Your Core.


When You Register You Will Receive . . . 



Who will guide and support you throughout your journey. Our leaders are carefully selected based on their expertise, experience, and ability to connect with you.



To complement your integration through the duration of the cohort you will receive a book and journal. These resources are to further support you with your self-care.



Includes items that are prayerfully designed to set an atmosphere of peace and calm so that you can create a designated stress-free space for your self-care.

Additionally You Can Expect . . .


  • Live Exclusive Zoom Sessions: Monthly you'll will be able to connect with others women on the same path for a shared time of learning.

  • A Dashboard:¬†to access all your self-care tools in one place. No more digging through emails.

  • Video Replays: to watch again through your portal for any tools, wisdom, or insights you may have missed in the live sessions.

  • Monthly Support Materials: that contain self-exploration exercises to support integration into your heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit.

  • An Interactive Process: with live Q & A sessions to answer any questions and provide additional support.


  • Real-Time Wisdom: from seasoned speakers and leaders that will support you right where you are.

  • A Communal Private Online Group: to request prayer, share insights, and to stay connected throughout the month.

  • A Weekly Encouraging Word: to keep you motivated throughout our time together

  • A Nurturing Community: for ongoing support, accountability, and networking as you continue your self-care journey.

  • Guided Indigenous Healing Practices: to support you with centering yourself overall through calming your mind, grounding your body, and recharging your spirit.

 *** Our Timeline and Topics *** 

We will meet monthly via Zoom on Thursdays from 7:30-9:00pm EST.


  • Month 1: September 12, 2024

  • Month 2: October 10, 2024

  • Month 3: November 14, 2024

  • Month 4: December 12, 2024

  • Month 5: January 9, 2025

  • Month 6: February 13, 2025

  • Month 7: March 14-16, 2025

  • Month 8: April 10, 2025

  • Month 9: May 8, 2025


  • Month 1: Honoring Her Truth¬†

  • Month 2: Navigating Her Winds (challenges)

  • Month 3: She‚Äôs Not Stuck, She‚Äôs Empowered

  • Month 4: She Reflects God¬†

  • Month 5: She Reframes Loneliness¬†

  • Month 6: Awakening Her Inner Light¬†

  • Month 7: In-Person Retreat, Chester CT

  • Month 8: Her Warrior Within

  • Month 9: Honoring Her Past, Seeing Her Future¬†

"Working with Tamara sparked my creativity, uplifted and inspired me. She shows you how to tap into you, and that is the best gift I could have been given." 


 ~ Lilyanne

"Tamara led me to my healing, and I am thankful. She is deeply spiritual and gifted. When you are around her you quickly feel a since of God, peace, and encouragement. "


~ Xolani

Woman, You
Are Enough

She Must Protect
Her Power

Power of a Woman Trusting Her Own Truth

Frequently Asked Questions

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'Women Who Win' Collaborative


For $397.00, You will have access to all our curated sessions, group discussions, live teachings and resources, as well as support from our team and community throughout your journey. We believe that investing in yourself is crucial for personal growth and sustainability in life. So join us on this transformative journey towards mind-body restoration and personal sustainability - we can't wait to welcome you into our nurturing community!

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