Why Sanctuary For Her Soul?

So That Women, Women In Ministry, And Women The Marketplace Can . . .


Experience Restoration,

Wholeness, and Peace.


Rejuvenate Your Spirit,

Renew Your Strength.


Personify Your Inner Power,

Recharge Your Core.

Why Sanctuary For Her Soul?

The simple answer is because we need it....


Let me say a little bit more. I, Tamara have curated this space for US. When I say US, I mean US women, US women who are leading in the marketplace, US women in ministry, US women who are leading the pack. I am sure this comes as no surprise how Sanctuary For Her Soul was birthed. It came from me desiring sanctuary for my own soul when I was exhausted, overwhelmed, in need of self-care and searching for respite. I found that respite and soft place to land in the company of women who cared, women I could share my raw truth with, women who loved me just as I was, women who came alongside, and nurtured me until I had enough resolve in my inner space to tap into my by brilliance located within. She, meaning my brilliance was always there, I only needed the support to be reminded and when the reminder came so did Sanctuary For Her Soul! The Spirit of our God gave me renewed vision and I saw all of this clear as day. That is one of the things the sacred space of sanctuary will do for you, is give you the power to create. So, through Sanctuary For Her Soul offerings, I am committed to curating the same space for other women, women in ministry, and women who are senior clergy because I embody all of these things myself and know firsthand the importance of self-care and communal support. When we have it personally, we thrive, and when we have it collectively, we can create meaningful lasting change in our communities, ministries, and the world. All of it begins inside the sanctuary though, your sanctuary. Join us, and experience the healing, refreshing, and empowerment that happens when we care for our souls together.

We  Are Best Healed In Community!




At the heart of our sanctuary is the knowing that healing should not be done alone - it happens best in community. That's why the space for US women created within Sanctuary For Her Soul matters.

As human beings, we are wired for connection. Our brains release feel-good hormones like oxytocin when we connect positively with others, which can reduce stress and increase feelings of joy. Additionally, when we share our experiences in a safe and supportive community, it creates a sense of belonging and validation that can be incredibly healing. It's comforting to know that we are not alone in our hard times and that there are others who understand what we're going through.

With that said, the Sanctuary For Her Soul community provides a safe and supportive environment for women to share their stories, challenges and wins if they desire to share. It's a place where we can find comfort, acceptance, and understanding from others who have been through similar experiences. In this space, we can let go of the shame or guilt that we may have carried with us for so long and instead be met with compassion and empathy, because if we are honest, the truth is, we all have something. Being in community allows us to learn from one another and have wrap-around support which helps us to grow and heal even more.

In community, together, we can create a sisterhood of healing, where each of us thrives through the strength and support of our shared journey, so join us today!




At Sanctuary For Her Soul, we believe in a well-rounded and expanded approach. When most think of sanctuary they think of going to a physical place such as a church, temple, or monastery, etc. to experience God, gain peace, have connection, feel belonging and the likes. While we do believe in the power of physical spaces for sanctuary, we also recognize that sanctuary is not limited to these places. Sanctuary is found within ourselves too. Because God's presence dwells within us, this truth offers us the awareness that sanctuary is within us as well, and not only found outside of us. That said, sanctuary is an experience we can have if we would look within. Of course, sometimes this is easier said than done for many reasons. We get it.

The challenge of going within is that we are often too tired to do so, or the unhealed parts of us get in the way, for some, we don't know how to do it, are not resourced to do it, for others we think it's selfish or a waste of time, and the rest of us simply don't prioritize ourselves and our well-being. Whatever the reason may be, is why Sanctuary For Her Soul exist. We meet you right where you are. We are dedicated to providing a sacred space where you are nurtured.

If you need sanctuary, let us walk with you. We offer cohorts, in-person gatherings, workshops, coaching, and an empowering community of like-minded women who understand the diverse challenges we encounter. Explore our offerings and see how Sanctuary For Her Soul can serve you, then jump right on in.

"Working with Tamara sparked my creativity, uplifted and inspired me. She shows you how to tap into you, and that is the best gift I could have been given."

~ Lilyanne

"Tamara led me to my healing, and I am thankful. She is deeply spiritual and gifted. When you are around her you quickly feel a since of God, peace, and encouragement. "

~ Xolani
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